A few principles

A few principles
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  • Don't be afraid of suffering : you'll suffer anyway. Choose the way you'll suffer. Would you rather suffer because of your terrible habits, or because of the discipline of maintaining good ones? Suffer at the right place
  • Some things are too important to not do them, even at a great cost

  • In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you. . . Do not do to others what you would not like done to yourselves
  • Give back to others what has been given to you in full
  • Remember promises and always honour them. It’s about your CHARACTER.
  • Keep control of yourself. and understand its the only thing in your control
  • Integrity is the only path where you will never get lost
  • Ego is about who’s right. Truth is about what’s right.
  • Be prepared. Hone your character with every action your take, because SOMEDAY, you will absolutely need a strong character to be able to stand up for yourself and keep your conscience clean. KNOW WHAT YOU STAND FOR AND LIVE IT.

  • Always try to understand why things are the way they are, don’t just accept the world as it is.  It’s not because things ARE that way that they SHOULD.
  • Almost everyone expects the future to be a slightly modified version of the present, but it is almost always radically different
  • Be an optimist, but without the rose lenses. Acknowledge that you and humanity might have to go through miserable days, but the overall trajectory is UPWARD. Things will eventually go better, and the positive will outweigh the negative
  • Be very distrustful of abstractions that hold power over our lives and be VERY CLEAR about the underlying REALITY.
  • If you’re following the masses, think twice about your behaviour. Are your merely following, surrendering your will? If you don’t know what you stand for in the first place, you’ll lose yourself to the mass and might act in harmful ways to your conscience
  • ‘Normal’ isn’t BAD. But many ‘normal’ things are. But some are awesome. Trying to be ‘different’ just because ISN”T IN YOUR INTEREST.  Trying to be ‘different’ just because IS ACTUALLY A VERY NORMAL THING TO DO OR THINK, which is ironic. The most different and efficient person is the one who thinks for themselves, takes the good and leaves the bad.

  • Long term almost always wins against short term. Think about COMPOUNDING
  • Good impact / money requires leverage : either scale or magnitude. MASSIVE IMPACT requires BOTH.
  • Never risk something you have and need for something you don’t have and don’t need. Some risks are just stupid.
  • Judgment beats hard work. Hard work is necessary, but you won’t grow a tree in infertile soil by watering it everyday. You need to make sure your TRAJECTORY IS GOOD, take time to determine that you’re working on something great.
  • It’s possible to accomplish the impossible if you have an outstanding trajectory (have great judgment to take great decisions) coupled with an extraordinary drive and abilities)

  • Time is your most precious treasure. Then your health, relationships and freedom. Don’t squander ANY of these, or you’ll meet an untimely end.
  • Everything ends at some point. Everything.

  • Always try to understand where people are coming from before judging. Think : why are they thinking this? How did they end up like this? Could I have ended up thinking the same?
  • Always listen. Talking is secondary to listening.
  • Some people will hate you no matter what. To be free and happy, you need the courage to be disliked. Otherwise, you can’t stand up for yourself and depend on the views of others.